Virtual Reality for modeling on molecular and atomic level

Lecture Date:

5 Jun 2024


Marc Baaden,

Leading VR expert

Marc Baaden, research director at the CNRS in Paris, is a computational chemist working in the field of structural bioinformatics. His research focuses on interactive molecular modeling approaches for biological systems and has included virtual reality approaches since 2007, then Citizen Science, and more recently the Internet of Things. He develops scientific visualization approaches as well as original tools related to Big Data and immersive analytics using virtual reality equipment. Using the Unity game engine, he has designed the UnityMol platform as a development framework for academic contexts and for collaboration with industry partners and the public. His research combines simulations of biological macromolecules and bioinformatics with high-performance computing, virtual reality, visualization, and dissemination activities

"Our responsibility is, to the extent of our view into the future, to form the present felicitous for the next generation according to the best of our knowledge and belief”